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Clogged drains may start out as an inconvenience, but they can be a sign of more serious problems. Drainage issues could be a sign of pipe damage due to weather or tree roots interfering with its normal function. It's essential to catch these problems early before too much damage occurs. If your clogged drain does end up being a sign of a larger problem, than call JC's Plumbing.
We handle all your drainage cleaning no matter if you have field tile or downspout draining or long sewer or leach bed lines. Whether it's an emergency or you're renovating your kitchen or bathroom, we are always on call to help you. We have the knowledge and experience to repair your busted pipes, maintain your water heater or install a new sewer systems or that great new bathtub. No matter how big, small, or complicated your problem, our licensed and insured technicians can fix it.

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JC's Plumbing was founded in 1968 and the current owner took it over in 2000 on the principles of top-notch plumbing service and innovative system solutions that consistently exceed our clients' expectations. With a stellar reputation and continually expounding on our knowledge and skills, we have established long term relationships with the best contractors, property managers, maintenance companies and homeowners throughout Greenville, Pickens County and Surrounding Areas South Carolina. We built this reputation with superior workmanship, excellent communication and accountability.
Contact us in Greenville or Pickens County, SC at (864) 269-5360 to speak with our expert plumber contractor.
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